A Timeless Symbol of Elegance


Elegant, Timeless and Refined

A classic expression of refined style, Sonnet is Parker’s symbol of elegance. With an array of designs, including the enduring Ciselé pattern, every intricate detail is skilfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion.

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Sonnet Features

  • Flawless Quality

    Hand crafted and individually checked for flawless quality.

  • Engineered for Precision

    Perfectly weighted and balanced to optomize the twin channel feed and collector system ensuring even supply of ink to the nib.

  • Crafted Nib

    Finished with stainless steel or 18 carat solid gold plated nibs for an adaptable writing experience.

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Pen Types

Delicately assembled with 17 individual pieces, with a range of exceptional chiselled finishes and engraved patterns for a precious feel.